Cursos Anteriores EN

War and Justice in the 21st Century

This course focuses on Luis Moreno Ocampo’s book, with case studies of Afghanistan, Colombia, Iraq, Israel/Palestine, Syria, Uganda, Darfur (Sudan), Libya and Venezuela. 


Writing Modern Screen Narratives on War and Justice (with professor Ted Braun)This course analyzes the narratives of film like Saving Private Ryan and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, miniseries like Homeland and documentaries.

Harvard Kennedy School

Preventing Mass Atrocities: The ICC and the UN Security CouncilThis course focused on the global order and its workings in the 21st century

Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs

Global Order in the 21st Century: Learning from RealityThis course analyzes the global order that emerged after the Cold War from an international, interdisciplinary perspective.