The struggle for justice has no end. But the war should have no beginning.

Luis Moreno Ocampo
End all wars. Study how to invent permanent peace.

1985 Juntas’ Trial

In 1985, he was the deputy prosecutor of the Juntas’ Trial. Moreno Ocampo led the investigation that yielded evidence of the military commanders’ responsibility in their troops actions.

In 1986, he was involved in the trial of General Camps and police personnel from Buenos Aires Province.

The 90’s decade

As prosecutor of Argentina’s Federal Court starting in 1997, he oversaw grave cases of corruption, the case against the military commanders in the Malvinas’ War, and the case against the country’s last military uprising in 1990. 

During that decade, Moreno Ocampo started a law firm in Buenos Aires, with his partner Hugo Wortmann Jofre, that organized corruption oversight programs for public utility companies (telephone, light and gas companies and post office). He also defended the rights of women as shareholders at large firms like ‘Banco de Galicia’ and ‘Aluar’. 

In 1997, he hosted the television program Forum, where he taught conflict resolution to a daily viewing audience of one million people. 

He worked on anti-corruption programs at NGOs, like ‘Poder Ciudadano’ (the Argentine chapter of Transparency International), and did consultancy work for the World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank.

2003- 2012: International Criminal Court

From 2003 to 2012, Luis Moreno Ocampo was the Founder Chief Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, an institution that strengthened the legacy of Nuremberg. 

Moreno Ocampo had to decide in which countries the court would intervene, organize the criminal investigations and the cases brought to the judges. 

Years earlier, Moreno Ocampo played a critical role during Argentina’s democratic transition.

New Technologies & Awards

Luis Moreno Ocampo has taught at Stanford and Harvard as a guest professor. He is a recipient of the French Legion of Honor. The magazine Foreign Policy included him on its list of Leading Global Thinkers and The Atlantic, on its list of Brave Thinkers, people who have risked their careers, reputations, fortunes, and, in some cases, even lives to advance ideas that upend an established order.

Luis Moreno Ocampo has an office in New York where he advises on transnational conflict management and resolution.

He collaborates with Getnick & Getnick (New York) on the recovery of funds obtained through fraud and corruption.