The battle for justice is endless, but war should not be.​

Argentina, 1985
Produced by Amazon, directed by Santiago Mitre and starting Ricardo Darin (as Julio Strassera) and Peter Lanzani (as Luis Moreno Ocampo) in the trial of the juntas.
Cuando el poder perdió el juicio
In this book, Luis Moreno Ocampo shares everything he learned as a prosecutor during the trial of Argentina’s military juntas. He addresses a dilemma that remains relevant in the 21st century: killing the enemy or prosecuting criminals? Argentina in ‘76 or Argentina in ‘85?
War and Justice
Oxford University Press presents the history of the International Criminal Court (ICC) from the perspective of its first chief prosecutor. Here Moreno Ocampo explains the alternatives at the international level: should those who commit acts of violence be treated as criminals or enemies?
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Cuando el poder
War Justice
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On December 10th, 2022 we are going to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the International Criminal Court, presenting the book "War and Justice in the 21th Century". We would like you to send a short video with your best memory of your participation in the justice project. You can send your video to [email protected]
You can send your video to [email protected]
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Luis Moreno Ocampo

Founder Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

Conducted investigations and brought charges against Muammar Gaddafi, leader of Libya, Omar Al Bashir, then President of Sudan and Joseph Kony. Prosecuted generals in Argentina in the «Trial of the Juntas».